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Chillco is a multi-disciplinary design and construction company guided by a firm commitment to quality and our clients.

Our top priority has always been to serve customers with innovative and strategic solutions as well as unprecedented savings of time and cost.

With our team of skilled and experienced personnel, each project meets the highest standards.

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Metro and Railways
  • More than 20 subway stations

  • More than 16 Km metro tunnel

  • More than 10 ventilation shaft and emergency exits

  • Power substation (HVS post)

Commercial, Residential and Mass Construction
  • More than 4,000 constructed residential units in 2 years

  • More than 13,000 under-construction residential units

  • More than 200,000 Sq m under-construction commercial complex

Power and Energy Transmission Lines
  • Transmission lines

  • Crude oil transmission pipelines

  • High voltage substations

  • Electrical distribution networks

Azadi Complex

A 16-storey building with 8 floors above the ground level and 7 floors below

Location: Tehran, Tehran province

Land area: 1,650 Sq m

Total built-up area: 19,000 Sq m

Parking capacity: 247 cars

The ground and first floors are for commercial use

Other 7 floors are for office use

Pin Plaza Complex

A 13-storey building with 9 floors above the ground level and 4 floors below

Location: Shiraz, Fars province

Land area: 8,400 Sq m

Total built-up area: 65,000 Sq m

Parking capacity: 466 cars

The Future City

Design, construction, infrastructure and superstructure of 10,000 residential units

Location: Bandar Abas, Hormozgan province

Land area: 3.5 million Sq m

Total built-up area: 1.02 million Sq m

Samen Town

Design and construction of 2,400 residential units

Location: Pardis, Tehran province

Land area: 111,000 Sq m

Total built-up area: 403,466 Sq m

Tehran Metro Line 6

Financing, engineering and design, materials and tools procurement, and construction in 23 separate scopes. including 7 stations, 7 tunnel construction lots (NATM) , power substation (HVS), 6 ventilation shaft and emergency exits, substructure and Uwall entrance tunnel of the train parking area

North Resort Complex

The complex accommodates a philharmonic hall, fancy restaurants, panorama terrace, luxury flats, five-star hotel, fully equipped fitness and water sports center, commercial area, business center
Land area: 40,000 Sq m
Sea land: 40,000 Sq m
Total built-up: 120,000 Sq m
Eastern Tower: With a total built-up area of 31,020 Sq m
Central Tower: With a total built-up area of 45,120 Sq m
Western Tower: With a total built-up area of 38,070 Sq m

Parviz Bahramirad
Chairman of the Board

Over the past decades, Chillco managed to achieve its vision of being among the most successful, sustainable, and responsible companies in the world by respecting entrepreneurship, transparency, and trust. We were able to create an excellent record by delivering remarkable and high-quality services within a constricted timeframe. We continue to offer our services by implementing the highest standards of quality, health, safety, and environment.

Chillco recognizes that our team, and everyone we work with, all unite to form the core of our business. Our reputation has been achieved because of their abilities and expertise.

Parviz Bahrami Rad